What started as a dream and a love for sneakers has now grown into a brand in which this dream is realized. This dream is now known as SHYPE, a place where you can find the most exclusive high quality sneakers and streetwear.

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In this year the first step of this dream was taken. SHYPE started buying the first exclusive sneakers such as Adidas Yeezys and Nike Air Jordans. The first sneakers were sold from home to friends, acquaintances and relatives. It soon became apparent that the purchase and sale of sneakers was a gap in the market and SHYPE started selling sneakers throughout the Benelux, resulting in an office full of shoe boxes. This only motivated SHYPE even more to keep looking for the most exclusive and trendy sneakers of the moment.

SHYPE clothes

SHYPE is a brand that never stands still and so it did not stop with the sale of sneakers. SHYPE has always had a great passion for clothing, and this passion grew into the first designs for its own clothing line in 2020.

Trust The Process

The greatest successes started with nothing more than passion and a dream. The process will never be without its setbacks and there will be plenty of times when you start to think it's all pointless. With hard work, motivation and faith in the process, all of this will eventually pay off and dreams will come true. This story was no different for SHYPE and has translated into the first clothing collection called ''trust the process'' which symbolizes hard work, never giving up and trust in the process.

The Hype Of Art

Art was already there in prehistoric times and art will still be made in 3000 years, in other words art is timeless. Timeless designs is something SHYPE also wants to radiate with its clothing, and this led to the 2nd collection of SHYPE in 2022 called ''the hype of art''. This collection is inspired by artistic expressions from antiquity and the renaissance, among others. With this collection, SHYPE wants to create timeless designs by incorporating art from the past into contemporary streetwear.

The NextChapter

SHYPE always strives for the best designs and the best quality and wants to show this in its clothing. After months of working on new designs and searching for the best quality materials, this will show itself in 2023 in the form of SHYPE's 3rd clothing collection called ''The Next Chapter''. A collection that can be worn all year round with simple, yet unique designs.

SHYPE is taking a whole new direction with this collection and only wants to focus its vision on the future, which is why SHYPE has also decided that previous clothing collections will no longer be available.